Sunday, 25 September 2011


Firstly,go anywhere where can purchase mol point(RM10/RM30/RM50....)Go to login to your MOL account, choose your The MOL Point from where to buy, then click Reload Now. ( I will use Rm40 to do today demonstration)

2. Then,  select Friend's Account / Third Party .And fill in ', then enter your Serial Number and Pin Number. Lastly,click the submit (do not worry you will recharge to the administrator because the administrator account will only result in recharge to the system )

3.The Panic Time reached.....enter the name which u wan to transform to(example:mol point,garena shells,cib cash,facebook credits.......)i will enter molpoint transform to do demonstration!
MolPoint : 3x
how many x if u enter the name :
GS : 4x
and u have to put (T) before u enter a name......                      

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